6 tips for setting up good media monitoring

The purpose of media  monitoring is to keep you updated on important news related to your company and your industry, and to support the planning and implementation of your communication.

Here are six tips to help you get the most out of your media monitoring:







  • 1. Define you media monitoring needs

    What are the most important topics for your business to monitor. Search profiles are often based on the company's media coverage, industry news, competitors, projects, people and campaigns that are important to your business. Start by listing the most important topics to monitor for your particular business.

  • 2. Involve more people in the planning of the media monitoring

    If you want the monitoring to cover the entire company's needs, you also need the input of others to define relevant keywords. Discuss with the various departments which monitoring needs are important to them. In Retriever's digital platform, we can customize email notifications so that employees receive the monitoring profiles that are relevant to them.

  • 3.Invest the time well and share your expertise

    Retriever's customer support department helps you build relevant search profiles that capture relevant news. You do not have to think about the structure itself, we will fix that. But you have the best competence in your area to produce the keywords and other important information that we can then build search profiles from. When you invest time in building the search profiles in the beginning of the collaboration, the media monitoring becomes as relevant as possible from the beginning. Active participation in the beginning is worth it, because then the media monitoring starts quickly and the follow-up work is minimized.

  • 4. Think about the scope of your searches

    It can be tempting to do as broad a search as possible, but if there are too many hits, it takes time to find the relevant news among them. Surveillance profiles can be narrowed down with various adjustments. Our customer support department tailors these profiles in agreement with you. We can choose to exclude keywords, search in connection with relevant searches or limit the choice of sources. For example, if you want to monitor news related to education, you may want to narrow your search or break down the hits associated with different search profiles. This can be limited, for example, by applying for compulsory school, vocational education and higher education. Or if your goal is to follow news related to education policy in a municipality, you may want to limit the source in the search.

  • 5.Define the needs of the employees

    Employees have different usage needs for media monitoring. It is often the management team and / or the communication department that need to log in to the platform to view the media monitoring in more detail or compile analysis reports. As mentioned above, e-mail notifications are often adapted to the needs of the employees and are also sent out to several employees without them needing access to the platform. Feel free to choose a contact person who is responsible for being in contact with a customer manager in Retriever. The contact person can pass on needs on behalf of the company too, for example, update existing search profiles, create new ones, training in the platform, etc.

  • 6. Update media monitoring in line with changes and communication strategy

    When a company's business strategy changes, so does the need for media monitoring. When setting new goals for communication, media coverage should be adjusted so that you can measure the success of these new goals. For example, you may want a spokesperson in the company to be more visible in the news picture about health care and that you therefore need a separate search profile for this particular spokesperson. Media monitoring cannot be a static service that remains unchanged for several years. It should be reviewed regularly and the search profiles updated when there are changes in the business or anything else you monitor.

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