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Our extensive Nordic media coverage is our core strength. In addition to that, Retriever's international media monitoring covers a large number of sources in countries worldwide, including press articles, online media, TV and radio.


Through partnership agreements with the important media and media houses, Retriever offers access to article content in  source format, full text and behind payment walls without jeopardizing media copyright.

  • One digital platform that enables you to get the full picture of your media lanscape and stay updated on the conversations of you and your brand/products.

  • Follow the conversations daily, receive push notifications from the Retriever mobile app or e-mail alerts with your important news.

  • Get valuable insights of your mentions and performance in the media landscape when you need it. Follow your brand over time or compare with other organizations and brands. Use the platforms analysis tool and do research in our extensive news archive Research.
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Frequently asked questions

Is Retriever a full-service provider?

Yes, we offer media monitoring, research and analysis tools - all in one user-friendly digital platform. In the same platform we also offer social listening and business information. Contact us and we will tell you more!

Do Retriever cover the entire media landscape and what sources do you monitor?

We monitor print media, online media, TV and radio. Nordic as well as internationally.

How do I make sure to get only what’s relevant?

With extensive experience of building search queries, our Customer Relations department helps you to tailor the media monitoring for your business. Our customer managers ensure that relevant news is captured and that noise is reduced.

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How do Retriever’s customers use the media monitoring service?

Retriever’s customers use the media monitoring to stay updated on what is going on in the media, without having to chase down the information themselves. Having the right contacts with the journalists is an important part of communication strategy and by using Retriever you can find who is writing about a specific subject and also which media doesn’t pick up on your press releases and work on buildning relationships with those.With Retriever the whole organisation can stay updated, by feeding news to intranets and websites and with e-mail alerts custmized for the user.

How can I use the analysis tool?

Use it to follow the development of a brand over time, find which media or journalists write or don’t write about your subject, understand your competitive landscape and follow the effect of your communication and PR-work. Our customers create media reports with key information put toghether in an automated delivery.