The largest media archive in the Nordics that collects news from print and digital editorial media as well as radio and television

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In Retriever's unique digital database, you can search for and read articles from thousands of sources after they are published online or sent to the printing presses – all the way back to the 1980’s. In addition to editorial articles, you will find relevant content from selected websites, such as authorities and municipalities.  

During our 20+ years as a leading media monitoring agency, we have collected enormous amounts of data from the Nordic media landscape.

  • Every day we fill our databases with millions of articles, features, posts and comments from editorial media, which are all searchable in our digital News archive.

  • The archive is used as a research database by journalists, researchers, authors, university students, primary school students and many more on a daily basis.

  • Easy to make search queries and filter the hits for accurate results
Retriever Research is the largest digital news archive in the Nordic

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Frequently asked questions

How far back does the archive go?

Retriever’s news archive contains print articles from the 1980’s and forward, but it depends very much on when we signed partnership agreements and what we were able to get access to in terms of that particular media’s own archive.

Do I have access to all articles?

It is based on what agreement you have. Most common is to have access to the sources in the language of the country you are based in.

How do I get relevant search results?

You can use the search options, where you get help with key words and don’t have to know how to use operators and fields. You can also make a simple search in the initial search box and then use the filter menu on the left to drill down the result.

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How many articles is in the archive?

We have more than one hundred million articles and it is growing by the day.

Who uses the news archive?

The Retriever news archive is used on a daily basis as a research tool by journalists, researchers, authors, university students, primary school students, companies and many more.