Our Monitor mobile app

​The Retriever app gives you access to your editorial and web media monitoring through a login.


The app keeps you updated on your latest news and mentions wherever you go. Through notifications that you easily manage yourself. Through the app you can also access the full Retriever portal. ​

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Get started

  1. Download the «Retriever I Media Monitoring» app from the App Store or Google Play.

  2. Log in with your Retriever account credentials.

  3. Under «News Feed» you see all your media monitoring and profiles. Here you can easily read your news, bookmark articles or share articles with your colleagues in a simple and clear way.

  4. Under «Favourites» you find all the profiles you have marked as just that, Favourites.  This is only available for user with a personal login.

  5. Under «Profiles» you can see all your monitoring profiles, filter them and set notifications.

  6. Under «Account» you can see all your bookmarked articles, set notifications and go directly to the the full Retriever platform by clicking on the "Go to portal" button. Here you can also give us feedback on the app. Please do so!

  7. Start using our app today!

retriever mediebevakning mobilapp


retriever mediebevakning mobilapp