Retriever’s Ethical Principles for AI Use

As Artificial Intelligence transforms the media monitoring and analysis industry, we proudly unveil our Ethical Principles for AI Use. These guidelines reflect our core values and our commitment to responsible innovation. 

Retriever's Ethical principles for AI Use reaffirm our dedication to providing our customers with trustworthy, transparent insights and outline our proactive measures to stay ahead of evolving regulatory landscapes. With these guidelines, Retriever aims to reinforce and elevate industry standards on how AI should be harnessed—ethically, responsibly, and with the utmost respect for privacy and societal impact.


Retriever’s Ethical Principles for AI Use

Striving for trustworthy insights for decision-making 

Our use of AI reflects our core values. We are dedicated to finding the best solution for each customer’s needs. We are innovative in finding new ways to deliver the highest possible value for our customers with the technology available. We remain trustworthy by making sure we provide accurate and relevant data and insights to our customers and strive for transparency in our methods of working. 

Human Responsibility

We bear full responsibility for the decisions made by our AI systems. We commit to rigorous testing and quality assurance to ensure that our AI applications deliver valuable insights to our customers. 


We use AI systems in ways which can be understood by our experts. We ensure that the workings of AI systems can be adequately explained. 

Ethical Sourcing and Use of Data

We pledge to ethically source and utilize data, respecting copyright and privacy rights, and obtaining data through fair and transparent means. With our direct partnership agreements with the important media and media houses and our comprehensive measures to safeguard data privacy and integrity, we ensure responsible sourcing of data at all stages of our operations.

Risk and Impact Assessments

We carefully consider the intended and potential impacts of our technology on customers and society. Privacy and security assessments are integral to our product development process, enabling us to manage risks appropriately. We continuously update our knowledge of relevant regulations, including the EU’s AI Act, to ensure our operations are both compliant and ethically sound.


We commit to regularly reviewing our adherence to these principles, updating them as necessary to reflect lessons learned from our experiences, ensuring they remain relevant amidst the rapid development of AI.

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