Retriever is shortlisted in the international media analysis competition AMEC Awards

The AMEC Awards are the Academy Awards of the communications and analytics industry. It honours the best analytics projects from around the world. This year, three of Retriever's projects are nominated in a total of four categories.

AMEC (International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication) is a global organisation that works to educate and inform how to evaluate and measure the impact of communication. This work helps to improve the quality and integrity of the communication industry as a whole. The industry organisation brings together researchers, intelligence agencies, media analysis companies and communication professionals to promote knowledge sharing and development. Retriever is one of 160 members, and several of our analysts are certified through the AMEC College.

Every year, the AMEC Awards are held where the best analytics projects from around the world compete for honour and fame. The criteria for being nominated are the use of good methodology, data-driven insights and content analysis of both editorial and social media that together contribute to creating effective communication for customers.



Retriever's golden candidates


Using AI to develop new strategy for the Swedish Sports Confederation (RIksidrottsförbundet) 

As part of the work on the Swedish Sports Confederation's new strategy, Retriever has conducted an extensive analysis of editorial media. 
The main goal of the confederation's transformation work is to encourage more people to be willing and able to engage in sports clubs throughout their lives.

Retriever started with 700,000 articles on child and youth sport in the Swedish media over the last decade. By using our proprietary IT tools, including machine learning and LLMs, combined with a competent client team and close collaboration with RF, Retriever found patterns and insights that RF can use in their ongoing strategy work. 

Key insights included the role of local media in promoting inclusion, the successful integration of newcomers through sport, increasing concerns about peaking in youth sport, and specific news sources with a high impact on the image of child and youth sport in the media. 
The project is nominated in the category: "Best use of new technology in communications measurement".




– The Swedish Sports Confederation came to us with an objective and key questions. Through close cooperation, we were able to discuss and clarify what they wanted to get out of the analysis, and then trusted us to design the method. This gave us room to use the techniques and approaches that were best in the various stages of the analysis.    


Per Landin, Senior Advisor Media Analysis at Retriever




– The difficulty with sport is that it is so broad - it's not enough to search for "youth sport", we wanted to be able to capture everything from integration projects to topping in youth teams.  Thanks to AI, we were able to create a relevance filter that captured 'child and youth sports' very accurately and create a good sample to analyse."


Jenny Wikstrand, Data insight analyst at Retriever


A Changing Narrative: How the Norwegian Labour Party's Youth Association (AUF) influenced the discourse after the 22 July terror attack.

On behalf of the Fritt Ord Foundation, Retriever has conducted a comprehensive analysis of media coverage of the terrorist attack in Oslo on 22 July 2011. The data material includes 500,000 articles, and our analysts combined quantitative measurements, close reading, byline searches, Boolean searches and AI categorisation in the analysis. We mapped agenda setters and their views, themes in news coverage and columns, and far-right messages. We collaborated with the Norwegian Centre for research on extremism (C-REX) to define extremism and radical groups, and we used byline searches to identify AUF columns, extremist groups and significant voices in the public sphere. We also interviewed the editors-in-chief of Norway's major newspapers at the time of the 2011 terror attack, and C-REX conducted a follow-up study on public opinion on AUF and the terror attack. The project resulted in a comprehensive report.

- The media coverage of the 22 July terrorist attack is something that has shaped events in Norwegian politics and journalism for over a decade. We were therefore happy that Retriever delivered such a solid and comprehensive analysis of the media coverage throughout the period, and we are proud that the report has now been nominated for a prestigious award", says Knut Olav Amås, Director of the Fritt Ord Foundation.


The project is nominated in the categories: "Most effective planning, research and evaluation in the public and not-for-profit sectors" and "Most impactful client recommendations arising from a measurement study".




– It was and is very important to respect the fact that there are many people affected, both by the terrorist attack itself but also by the subsequent media coverage. We had to be sure that we were presenting the media history accurately, which is a great responsibility for those of us writing this report. It is also the first time such a survey has been done, and it will remain as a documentation of an important part of Norwegian media history.


Malene Augestad, Senior media analyst at Retriever




— Being able to work on such complex and socially beneficial assignments is one of the things that makes the job exciting and challenging. We spent almost a year filtering and analysing the media coverage, which initially consisted of over 500 000 articles in the Norwegian media. The report has become an important documentation of Norwegian media history and has also received significant media coverage.


Ingunn Vålandsmyr, Ass. Analysis Manager at Retriever.                                                        


Measuring positive change in the textile industry in 67 markets

Additionally, Retriever is nominated for its media analyses to the H&M Foundation in the category of  "Best multimarket reporting".



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