Customer Manager Mikko Silvennoinen develops the customers media monitoring

Customer Manager Mikko Silvennoinen ended up at Retriever in connection with the business acquisition in the spring of 2021. In Mikko's words, this has been the biggest "stroke of luck" of his recent years. 

Mikko works as a Customer Manager at Retriever's Finnish Customer Relations team and is responsible for his customer portfolio, which consists of media monitoring customers of different sizes.


What does your typical day consist of?

Every single day is different, thanks to the varied customer gigs. The only thing that remains constant is morning coffee at nine o'clock. Often my days consist of customer meetings either in Teams or nowadays more and more "live". In addition to this, most of the day is usually either fulfilling the wishes of customers in the development of their media monitoring or solving problem situations. 


What's the best thing about your job?

The best part of my job is the colleagues who offer encouragement and the varied customer work. In customer work, it is especially nice to solve problems, the variety of working days and get to know the customers' business and different fields in general. 


What is the most challenging part of your job?

Sometimes acting under the cross-pressure of expectations and hopes, although coping with these situations also produces great experiences of success. Other challenging situations also include unexpected technical problems for customers, which cannot be solved quickly and for which you have to act as an intermediary and interpreter between Retriever's technical support and the customer. 


What is the importance of media monitoring for organizations?

Especially on social media, it is increasingly difficult to predict from the past what will cause a crisis that will flare up in the public eye, so media monitoring is essential to keep up with the situation. With media monitoring, it is possible to monitor the real impact of an organization's communication investments on the public and to obtain hard, quantitative data on the desired media coverage. Leading with knowledge is a cliché, but that doesn't make it any less important. Media monitoring is an essential part of knowledge-based management.


What are the most significant changes in media monitoring in 2022?

One major trend is that the customer is being offered more and more relevant social media monitoring. For example, in Retriever's Listen service, machine intelligence performs a reliable evaluation of the relevance and even the tone of the post (positive, negative, or neutral) so that the customer can easily and quickly become aware of the most prominent social media conversations. In general, the importance of social media is increasing even more, as, for example, Helsingin Sanomat has started to produce content specifically for social media channels.


How do you spend your free time?

I do creative writing – I've published a novel called Maailmanvallat. I do a wide range of volunteer work with young people in my spare time. In addition, my ambition is to explore the outdoor activities in Keskuspuisto, which I have neglected for too long.



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