Customer Manager Nils Bjørseth optimizes media monitoring

Nils Bjørseth works at the Norweigan customer relations department at Retriever. Among other things, this department is responsible for handling the media monitoring of various businesses and organisations. In addition, they are also an important support for the sales and analysis department in Retriever.

How does a typical working day look like for you?

First and foremost, I maintain the media monitoring service for the customers I am responsible for. It may be that I must change and adjust the media monitoring after dialogue with the customer, set up notifications for employees, or help retrieve a report from the service. I often hold several meetings a week with training in the platform or a review to change the setup of the media monitoring searches. In addition to daily tasks from the customers, I hold educational webinars with various topics. I also have a close dialogue with our technical department about the development of the platform.



What three pieces of advice would you give to a customer who is about to start media monitoring?

  • Define the objectives of the media monitoring. Media monitoring can be used in many areas, and you can obtain an incredible amount of information from editorial and social media. It can therefore be useful to think about what is important for you to get out of media monitoring and adapt the service accordingly. For some, it will be important to have control over one's own speech and spokespersons, while for others it may be important to monitor various areas of interest and/or competitors.
  • Adapt the media monitoring to those who will use the platform. We can adapt the deliveries so that employees receive the information that is important to them. It may be that you have different needs regarding what you want to be notified about, when you want to be notified or that you need to retrieve different reports.
  • Limit media monitoring to relevant news. For the media monitoring to function optimally, it is important that what is collected is relevant and that there are not too many hits that are collected, as this can lead to you losing the overview. We help to set up and adjust media monitoring so that relevant news is captured for you.


What is the importance of media monitoring to your clients?

My clients use media monitoring for different purposes, but the common denominator is that media monitoring is an important communication tool that supports both internal and external communication in the organisation. Our service helps customers measure their communication efforts and stay up to date on the topics that are important to monitor.


How can your expertise help customers in their communication work?

I and the others in the customer department optimize the service so that customers can make full use of media monitoring. It is our customers who have the knowledge of what they want to monitor, but we assist with how it should be monitored to obtain the information that is important to them. This can be with regard to how to optimize search terms, notifications, newsletters or retrieve reports, and how the tool can be used internally in daily communication work.