Broadcast media

With Retriever's monitoring of the spoken media landscape, you will know when your business, your products, your competitors or other topics important to you are mentioned in a large number of spoken media - YouTube, Podcast, Radio and TV.


The interaction between brands and customers continues to expand across multiple channels. To really keep track of the ongoing conversations, it's important to use the right platform to gather insights from all available sources, including text, image, and even audio. With Retriever's media monitoring, you get an overview of the spoken media landscape.



With our media monitoring, you get, among other things:

  • Delivery immediately after broadcasting
  • The monitoring shows you when the relevant search term/keyword is mentioned
  • In the media player, you can directly jump to the time when what you are watching is mentioned in the program with the press of a button
  • The media monitoring is digital so that we can use the same search strings as for web and editorial monitoring
  • The clips are shown in our digital platform alongside other more traditional media monitoring
  • Analyze your media monitoring to gain additional insights
  • Create reports from your media monitoring

The spoken media landscape

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Our work with broadcast media


Our monitoring of spoken media takes place via speech to text technology, where we automatically search through the material and match the results against the customer's set monitoring profiles. Profiles that our customer relations department sets up together with the customer for the best possible results. The hits then mark where in the feature the specific keywords give a hit and there we link to the original source. Fast, flexible and with high accuracy.

We  actively work with qualitative selections to build source lists that are relevant to our clients. The selection is made based on various sectors/subject areas relevant to you as a customer, combined with which channels have the greatest impact. We work dynamically with which sources we monitor and if you have a specific channel you are interested in that we do not cover today, this can be arranged.

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