Monitor Threads, the rapidly growing platform, with Retriever Listen

Threads’ rapid emergence into the social media landscape has been nothing short of remarkable. We are happy to share the news that you can now monitor Threads as part of your social media listening service, Listen.

Threads was first introduced to the market in July 2023. According to Time Magazine, upon launching, the social platform became the fastest growing network in history, reaching 70 million users within two days and surpassing 100 million in less than five. The platform’s launch in the EU in December 2023 came with excitement and saw the channel experience a new growth spurt. Since then, Threads has been trying to find its own identity. The initial growth could be seen as a reaction to people wanting something new, an alternative to X (formerly known as Twitter), as well as an easy sign-up since all users with an Instagram account could simply use the same login to create their Threads account.


Why do we at Retriever think Threads is a channel to keep an eye on?


Threads has experienced steady growth, with millions of new users signing up each month. It is also owned by and part of the Meta universe, which are focusing efforts on building and developing the app as part of their mission to create a unified experience. Today, users’ Instagram feeds are filled with a combination of posts from both Instagram as well as Threads, meaning that conversations started on Threads are spreading beyond the platform itself.


Furthermore, Social Media Today reports that Threads now has more active users than it did during the initial launch peaks, a sign that many users are still logging in and creating new accounts even past the initial launch hype. Backlinko reports Threads had around 150 million monthly active users on the platform in April 2024. With Threads being a challenger to X, it is also worth noting that X is higher and higher costs in combination with ad revenues dropping significantly as brands react to Elon Musk.


It is always difficult to predict the future of any social media network, but Meta is making it clear that they are not slowing down when it comes to development and focus for Threads. With new features being developed every day, we are certain that the channel is one to keep an eye on. We recommend that all brands start watching and including Threads in their Social Media strategy to make sure to capture a position in this fresh and growing social space.


Include Threads in Retriever Listen


At Retriever, we are excited to announce that our social listening solution, Listen, will now cover Threads as a channel. We are proud to be the first in the Nordic market to offer social media monitoring for Threads. This pioneering addition allows our clients to gain comprehensive insights and stay ahead in the dynamic social media landscape. If you want to learn more about how to include Threads in Listen and discuss pricing, please contact us. We are here to help you navigate this new channel and leverage it for your brand’s success.