Use reach figures when evaluating the effects of communication

Reach figures are a useful measure for evaluating the effectiveness of communication. They provide valuable information about how widely and in what way the communication reaches the target audience.

How should our customers use them in their own communication work?  These three perspectives will help you use coverage figures in your daily work:

  • Reach figures provide a yardstick for evaluating the success of communication

    When you know how widely your message reaches your audience in different media, you can monitor and analyze the results.  You can identify the most effective campaigns and strategies and optimize your communication to achieve better results in the future.

    By looking at the reach figures, you can see which of your communication efforts generate the most visibility and impact for your organization.  Based on this information, you can focus your resources on the messages that bring your organization the most desired media exposure.  On the other hand, you can also target the necessary measures to such messages that do not go through in the media as desired.

  • Reachability figures help you plan your communication

    When you know which media and channels reach your target audience most effectively, you can plan your communication and marketing based on them.  Using reachability as a metric is justified, because the mere number of communication actions or media hits does not say anything about the effects of the actions taken.  Even if the number of media hits is high, their total reach can be very low.  On the other hand, if the aim of the campaign has been to reach readers of local newspapers in a certain area, the campaign can be very successful, even if its reach is not huge.

  • Get to know your target audience better with the Retriever platform

     The platform gives you a lot of valuable information about your target audience.  You can drill down into the total publicity you have earned and view it based on, for example, media type and province of publication.  You can also compare the reach figures with the reach figures of your competitors in the time interval you choose. With the help of the plattform, you can extract information from the big data that tells you how well your message has been received in the media field.
     The media monitoring service provided by Retriever offers comprehensive and up-to-date reach figures for Finnish media.  By using these figures to measure communication, you can optimize your communication strategy, better understand your target audience and achieve better results.

Does this sound interesting?

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