A more accurate methodology for measuring online media reach figures

Retriever's goal is to offer our customers the market's most reliable and comprehensive media data as a basis for measuring communication. We have listened to our customers' feedback and taken into account the best Nordic practices in measuring reach. We have a new methodology for calculating reach figures, which makes our media monitoring data and media analysis even more reliable in measuring communication.

If you are not familiar with the term reach, it simply tells you how large the number of visitors a certain media potentially is. So what has changed? We have made significant changes to the way we calculate daily, weekly and monthly traffic for online media sources. When online media does not directly provide a reach figure for daily reach, we have to estimate it using our own calculation formula. With our new methodology, we calculate the daily number of visitors by dividing the weekly number by four and the monthly number by ten.  The previous numbers were seven and 30.


Why is this new calculation method better?  

It is based on considered user behaviour in online media. We know that users often visit certain web pages several times a week, and this effect was not always taken into account in our previous chapters. The new calculation method better describes the source's average daily reach, which makes the measurement more accurate and more realistic.
Although this methodology is new in Finland, it has already been successfully implemented by Retriever in Denmark and Sweden. According to statistics, it has given the most realistic picture in measuring the audience. For our customers, this means that the reach figures found in the media monitoring service and media analysis will be slightly higher in the future than before. However, this reform offers you an even more realistic picture of the reach of your communication and makes the measurement of communication more accurate and reliable.
Retriever's goal has always been to offer the best possible service to our customers, and this new methodology is a step towards even more accurate and reliable measurement of communication in online media. The updated reach figures give you valuable information about the impact of your communication and help you optimize your communication strategy to achieve better results.


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