Prepare for the post-pandemic time with effective social media management

The pandemic has increased the amount of time consumers spend on social media. This means that social media has become an increasingly important meeting place for brands as well as customers.

An article in the Harvard Business Review published earlier this year discusses corporate social media strategy in the post-pandemic period. Article authors Christine Moorman and Torren McCarthy encourage companies to invest in social media management and prepare for the post-pandemic period. According to the article, the role of social media has become even more important in the relationship between brands and customers.

How can this important connection be maintained and developed now and in the future? Let’s start with the fact that a company needs to have the right tools to manage social media. Based on the feedback we receive from our customers, I know that RelationDesk can help maintain and develop this interaction.

RelationDesk is a social media management platform that enables seamless content design, publishing, and responding to comments and messages from a single view. In addition, it collects analytics and generates comprehensive reports e.g. social media publications and the work of its users.


With RelationDesk:

  • Content planning is made easier with a unified calendar view
  • The ability to publish content across different accounts speeds up daily work
  • The month and week view makes it easier to outline the overall picture of the contents
  • Responding to comments and messages is faster as each new comment, reaction, and message appears on the platform
  • It is possible to examine the analytics of different channels individually or by comparing the attention received by the publications and the interaction statistics;
  • You can manage your brand community even more effortlessly
  • And most importantly, you nuture the interaction between the customer and your brand on social media.

As part of Retriever, RelationDesk works dynamically and as a separate digital platform, which enables even quick updates and agile response to our customers' development suggestions.

Like Moorman and McCarthy, I strongly believe that it is crucial for companies to invest in social media strategy now and prepare for the post-pandemic period. With the right tools, managing your social media strategy becomes easier.

Nevertheless with the right tools the company can maintain and develop the most important thing, namely the relationship with the customer. In addition, the right tools make it easier to manage social media and allow resources to be concentrated where customers currently interact.