Key indicators in media monitoring for an optimised communication strategy

It is crucial to have a comprehensive approach to media monitoring. By combining analysis data from both editorial and social media, you gain deeper insight. This can be key information for your communication strategy.

Key indicators

When you monitor editorial media, you can monitor how your communication is received, among other things. For example, you can track the circulation of your press release and identify which media choose to publish your press release. It can be beneficial to experiment with two different titles for the same press release to determine which one yields better results, allowing you to adjust your communication strategy accordingly.

On the other hand, monitoring the spread on social media gives you a unique perspective on audience response. The number of interactions on your online articles, including shares and likes, are not just numbers, but key indicators that can help you evaluate the importance of prioritising various communication efforts. By analysing these statistics, you can make more informed decisions to maximise the impact of your communication strategy.

By understanding how your audience shares and reacts to your communication, you can gain insight into which topics engage the most. Are there certain stories that get more attention on social media than others? Are there specific platforms where your content performs better? These insights allow you to fine-tune your strategy, focus on what works and optimise performance across channels.



By combining editorial and social media statistics from media monitoring, you get a 360-degree view of how your organisation, industry and competitors' communications are received. This enables organisations to adapt to changes in real time and maintain a relevant and engaging presence. 


Malene Augestad, Senior Media Analyst at Retriever




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