Interactive measurement for better understanding

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA)is one of Norway's most mentioned companies in editorial media, with around 60,000 mentions in Norwegian media per year. One of the NPRA´s communication goals is for managers and professionals in the company to be proactive and accessible to the media. They also have clear goals about what kind of message they are going to convey.

NPRA has a communication goal stating that their leaders and professionals shall be proactive and be available for the media. They also have clear goals of what messages they are to push.

The purpose of NPRAs measurement is therefor to give an overview of their media output, but also focus on the outcome. This is done by combining qualitative and quantitative metrics in the analysis.

Interactive dashboard


The analysis is delivered in an interactive dashboard that gives NRPA the possibility to both measure and evaluate qualitative and qualitative data. The dashboard combines different categories, variables and key measurements, with the possibility to compare different time periods.

  • The quantitative measurement gives NPRA the option to both focus on their output in the media, like volume and reach, as well as on their target audience, like media outlets and counties.

  • The qualitative measurement gives NPRA the opportunity to measure positive, neutral and negative mentions, the most active spokespersons and how their key messages are received. With an interactive and online analysis NPRA can evaluate their measurement with high frequency, but it also gives them the possibility to learn from previous measurement and act on it.

  • The quantitative measures give insights to NPRA in terms of the volume, reach and in which media and counties they are mentioned. This will give them a chance to investigate the specific cases in the local counties and how to reach their target audience with specific communication.

  • The qualitative measures give NPRA the possibility to be proactive when using spokespersons and measure the penetration of their key messages in the media.

By combining the two types of measures, NRPA’s analysis gives them a full overview and understanding of how their communication is handled by the media and insights into how they can act on this.


The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) strives to provide a smart and continuous road transport system for all of Norway. NPRA is Norway’s most mentioned company in the Norwegian media-