Data analyst Jenny Wikstrand creates valuable insights

Jenny Wikstrand works as a data analyst at Retriever's Swedish analysis department. The analysis department measures and evaluates the communication work for Retriever's customers.

What do you do at Retriever?

I have worked at Retriever since 2019 and work in the analysis department's data team, which means that, just like other analysts, I work with short and ongoing assignments where our customers want to investigate what the media write about a certain issue. In the data team, the project is often complex with many different data points and I often use our AI systems to solve the problems. Sometimes it can be about very large amounts of data, where I can use our automatic topic classification to find the right publicity, or I can get help to spread negative publicity where the issue in question gets a lot of media coverage. The technique can help us make smarter analyzes and focus on the most important articles or social media posts.


What advice would you give to a client who wants to start with media analysis?

For those who want to start with media analysis, I would advise to think through what you really want to know, without focusing so much on how it should be done. At Retriever, we can often help customers with that, but if you have a well-thought-out question or a clear communication problem, you have a good start.


What significance does media analysis have for your customers?

For my clients, the media analysis is often a component of a larger puzzle. Knowing what one's normal media image looks like, which are one's strongest topics and spokespersons, can be important to know if one ever ends up in more challenging media times. Measuring their communication on an ongoing basis is often an important task for press departments in order to evaluate various activities and press releases. And sometimes it's about understanding how the media writes about a specific issue, in order to understand what opportunities there are to position yourself there.


How can your expertise help customers in their communication work?

My expertise lies in finding ways to help the customer, without being limited by the fact that a question has been written about in 10,000 articles, or where you don't know which measuring points to choose. Finding the right KPI or indicator can be very creative, and it's a great feeling when you get it right.

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