International media monitoring

With Retriever's media monitoring, you can be notified when your business, your competitors or relevant topics are discussed in international media.


In a collaboration with our international network, we can offer, as comprehensive and in-depth, media monitoring and analysis as we do in our Nordic markets. It covers all kinds of media, in all continents and in all languages. 

We offer sources from the below licensing agencies:
NLA Media Access is a British licensing and publishing company through which approximately 1,700 new media sources are linked to Retriever coverage.

CLA is a copyright licensing agency based in UK, focusing mainly on B2B and consumer magazines along with various international newspapers. Their license gives us the right to index and display content from approximately 2100 associated news media sources to clients worldwide.

CFC is a French licensing company through which Retriever provides access to more than 500 sources, mainly in French.

The online monitoring package from Moreover, already familiar to Retriever's customers, guarantees 80,000 editorial online sources from more than 200 countries for international monitoring.

The media data also includes the number of readers, so now the potential reach of international media hits can also be viewed through our digital platform


Retriever has direct agreements with the international licensing organizations Moreover/LexisNexis, NLA, CFC and, we have access high profile European daily newspapers websites, many of which are otherwise password protected.
If you are Retriever media monitoring customer today you can include the expanded package during this contract period.

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