Why choose Retriever for media monitoring?

Your media monitoring and analysis needs may already be well-defined. You know why you're monitoring and analysing your media coverage, you have a clear picture of how you want to work with the data and insights you gain, and your solution is set in a strategic framework with clear objectives and KPIs.

But your needs can change. It's important to choose a provider that can scale up and down and provide the latest technology to ensure you always have the most relevant solution. Here are some good reasons to choose Retriever as your next supplier:


Coverage and data sources

Retriever has the broadest and deepest coverage in the Nordics. We search national, regional and local print newspapers, weekly newspapers, magazines, journals and trade journals. We cover more than 4,000 editorial online media in the Nordic region and over 250,000 online media internationally. We have the broadest coverage in radio, TV and podcasts, and we cover all the major social networks. With Retriever, you have the opportunity to monitor locally in the Nordic countries and around the world - both the big media and the very small niche media.


Latest technology

At Retriever we have made a promise to ourselves: We will always seek out the latest technology available to improve our clients' media monitoring and analysis solutions. We have built our own Advanced Analytics & AI Centre with specialists in artificial intelligence and statistics. We have our own proprietary language models in the Nordic languages and we work with several of the leading providers of the latest generative AI. All to ensure that our clients have access to faster and better insights.


Digital analyses and reporting tools

At Retriever, all media analysis is delivered in customised dashboard solutions. We use the latest AI technology for speech and image recognition, categorisation and analysis of editorial and social media content. But it can't stand alone. We always have a human behind the technology to ensure that Retriever's media analysis and reports are of the highest accuracy, follow the best industry standards and provide answers and advice when needed. 


High level of service

Retriever is renowned for its high level of service. And we were founded on the principle of doing a little better every day. We have built our service model on the idea that speed and quality can go hand in hand. That's why we offer service at all the usual contact points and have a systematic, proactive service programme that is offered to all customers. There's someone to answer the phone, people behind the chat and email, and we'll call you if we think we can help you improve your solution.

This is why thousands of Nordic companies and organisations have chosen Retriever as their media monitoring and analysis solution.

If you have any questions about how Retriever can help you with media monitoring and analysis, don't hesitate to contact us - we'll do our best to help you.



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