Social media risk #6 - Managing improper comments

Most of the time, your wall or posts will be a venue for citizens and stakeholders to add comments of varying relevance and nature. 

In this blog post we take a look at 1 of 6 social media risk areas for the public sector and how to handle them. 



Managing improper comments


Be prepared for when that line is crossed


Unfortunately, there will be bad faith actors to deal with – truly offensive and/or illegal content can sneak in and get amplified through your channel. It is essential to be able to spot these incidents and act on them right away.


Know when to draw a line


Most of the time, your wall or posts will be a venue for people and stakeholders to add comments of varying relevance and nature. Give your team clear guidance on what type of comments need to be responded to, hidden, or even deleted right away.


How to ensure you maintain proper comment hygiene

  • Give your social media team clear guidelines and tools
  • Make sure you can catch and react to incidents ASAP
  • Educate your organisation on misinformation efforts

  • Asess

    • Do you know how to handle offensive comments?
    • How quickly can you act on such comments today?
    • Does your team know how to recognize a bot?
    • Do you have a response plan against misinformation efforts?

How can RelationDesk help? 

  • Better collaborative handling of responses
  • Catch offensive content quicker
  • Verify information with ”Ask for help”
  • Profile function helps you spot potential bots fast

Did you know… RelationDesk makes it easy to see comments across channels - and types of posts. Never miss a conversation happening on your ads, for example.

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  • A quick guide to countering information influence activities


    Information influence activities are systematically orchestrated, deceptive techniques with malignant political goals – usually aiming to sow confusion and distrust, in order to undermine democracy itself.


    • Fact check and investigate through a neutral party
    • Correct the misinformation and back up with sources
    • Stay calm and focus on the facts
    • Reiterate the values your organization stands for
    • Facilitate and amplify a conversation based on facts
    • Block and report bad faith actors, where justified
    Want to read more? We recommend this excellent guide by MSB