Social media risk #5 - Managing sudden support overload

We know how critical proper social media management is in a crisis, and how powerful.

In this blog post we take a look at 1 of 6 social media risk areas for the public sector and how to handle them. 



Managing sudden support overload


We need to be ready for moments that ask us to step up


As we wrote the guide this post is based upon, the Corona pandemic of 2020 was nowhere near winding up – but we remember the intense days our customers faced in the beginning of it, creating unprecedented pressure on healthcare, travel, and entertainment industry. We know how critical proper social media management is in a crisis, and how powerful.

Have the tools to act quickly


When your social media support volume goes from 60 to 6 000 errands a day, it is critical to be able to upscale: to work cohesively as a team; and have a central hub of information.


The 4 main tools you will need

    • An easy way to onboard users to your support system
    • Clear, centrally vetted response guidelines
    • Access to continually updated and correct information
    • The ability to respond quickly and manage the queue


    • How would you get more hands on deck, on short notice?
    • How would you ensure every stakeholder gets responded to?
    • How would you ensure to-the-minute information sharing?
    • How would you ensure quick support queue management?


How can RelationDesk help? 


  • Easy, intuitive to use dashboard ensures quick onboarding and a team up-and-running in minutes
  • Save responses and provide internal information for your team to use and adapt
  • Assign messages per role or user, with 100% visibility of handled and non handled messages
  • Ask colleagues or external parties for information without leaving the tool – or having them log i


visual-1-sudden-support-overload1. Need input on how to respond? Ask for help and get a reply without leaving RelationDesk.



2. The recipient can see the full conversation, and respond to you – all through their regular email.



3. See the answer and use it immediately when responding to your customer, if you choose.


Did you know… Our ”Ask for help” functionality lets you get the information you need from elsewhere in the organisation, without leaving RelationDesk – or your colleague leaving their inbox.

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