Social media risk #4 - Having a slow response time

Social media users expect a quick answer when commenting or asking a question. Fast response time is also very important for any customer service oriented organisation. Being slow can damage trust. How do you mange this?

In this blog post we take a look at 1 of 6 social media risk areas for the public sector and how to handle them. 



Going viral – for the wrong reasons


A fast response is key in social media customer care


About half of all social media users except a first response from a brand within 3 hours of asking a question. This time frame shrinks to 1 hour should the question involve a complaint. This means that First Response Time (FRT) is a critical metric when providing support on social media.

A slow response permanently damages trust


When you fail to meet users timeframe expectations, there are consequences. They become more likely to go public with their complaints, and to stop using your service altogether. When the lack of a response is happening on a public post, this also causes a rippling effect – stakeholders measure you by how promptly and professionally they see you engage with other users.


Have a system in place to ensure fast and professional support

    • Track FRT and other key metrics for your team and per each agent
    • Empower agents to quickly get the information they need
    • Coordinate and make available standard replies Have a system in place for response ownership and agent handover


    • Do you know your average response time?
    • Do you have a system for following up KPI for social media support?
    • Do you know which aspect drains the most time for your agents?
    • Do you have a a plan to manage time drains?


How can RelationDesk help? 


  • Ensure no response is missed, down to the individual comment level
  • Automatically track and evaluate KPI
  • Searchable knowledge base
  • ”Ask for help” from anyone in the organisationMeasure




Did you know… Users appreciate transparency. Communicate your hours and typical response time clearly to precede and prevent frustration, and link to a self-service resource if possible.


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