Know your company’s performance. See how your team can improve.

RelationDesk Measure lets you track social media performance


Measure what you really need to measure


RelationDesk is the sociala media management tool that makes it all easier!

  • Get started fast! - RelationDesk is proven easy to use, designed for a great overview with the features your team really needs.

  • Bridge the gap between customer service and marketing - Share both the content plan and the customers' responses across your teams - without ever having to leave RelationDesk.

  • Control access - Control detailed access for each of your individual team members - on every social media channel
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Get happy customers! By knowing how to improve

  • Quickly overview your incoming volumes and response times
  • See how individual team members are performing
  • Know how well your organization fulfills its goals
Understand and improve your performance on social media with our media management tool

Maximize the impact of your published content!

  • Compare campaigns - see exactly which content performs well 
  • Get recommendation on best time to publish to optimize your Engagement and Impressions
  • Duplicate successful content to other channels
Maximize your content performance on social media with our effective tool

Deep insights lets your organization shine!

  • Create reports with ease - export any message
  • Track conversations and campaigns by adding tags
  • Define and follow up on KPI levels
Create deep insight reports for your social media activity and follow the right KPI

Why choose RelationDesk?

Service that you will love


Your personal Success Manager is your new best friend. They will simply make your life easier.

We really know social media! You get best practices, new trends and how to always improve.

We support your team


We will train your entire team in RelationDesk. And of course also help all your future team members.

Lean back. Because everything in RelationDesk will run smooth.

Your GDPR super option


RelationDesk's app servers are owned by a Swedish company that have no American parent company.

Is Cloud Act & GDPR important to you? Talk to us! You will be surprised at the level we can deliver.

Is RelationDesk for you?

Clients using RelationDesk
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RelationDesk - Your Complete Social Media Management Platform


with your customers


Understand and optimize how visitors and followers interact with your brand on social.

Learn the best times to publish, what topics perform with your audience, easily duplicate successful content across channels, and explore sentiment analysis all in one platform.


content across channels


Design great content, schedule it in the content calendar and publish to all your social media channels.

Even better, our tool lets you collaborate smoothly across teams and implement a proven approval process. Social media content work has never been smarter.


to get key insights


It's time to exceed your customers' expectations by taking true control of your performance.

Get all the data and deep insights you need to understand and optimize your customer care, communication, and content KPI across social media. We make it easier than ever.

”RelationDesk enables us to deliver the financial world’s top social media customer service!”