RelationDesk supports Attendo's change journey

On its change journey, Attendo's aim has been to develop as an organization and to create a better image of itself as a care industry operator in Finland. Social media has been an important communication channel for Attendo in communicating this major cultural change.

Attendo's communication coordinator Sanni Heikkinen highlights the role of being present in social media and quickly responding to customer questions and comments in their communication.


"It is important for us for our reputation to be present and react. We want to take part in the discussion and be seen as low-threshold professionals and show our expertise on social media. We want to be the highest quality and most respected company in the care industry in Finland. Although the conversation may sometimes have a negative tone on social media, our presence, our reaction and our answer give the recipient the feeling that there is a real person on the other side who wants to help and understand."


Presence in social media has a great weight when communicating with loved-ones and potential job seekers.


"If you think about our target groups on social media, Instagram is an important channel for communicating with loved-ones for our individual Attendo homes. Relatives see that we are present and can see what our everyday life is like. In addition to communication with loved ones, Instagram is also important in building our employer brand. From our accounts, potential job seekers see, what everyday life really is like when working with us."


Big leaps in customer service

Sanni Heikkinen emphasizes the importance of customer service in Attendo's change journey. Attendo has taken great strides in providing customer service, especially with social media.


"With our social media customer service, we strive to be easily reachable, with a low threshold. You can ask us questions and we will answer them quickly. This is our special asset in customer service, which we have emphasized during our journey of change over the past couple of years. We guide customers in their problems also in private messages, because we get quite a lot of comments on ads and posts. If customers have a slightly more personal or detailed matter, we can direct them to, for example, recruitment or HR using private messages."


The key role of coordinating social media in reputation management

The social media management tool RelationDesk has become an important tool at Attendo as part of the company's reputation management. According to Sanni Heikkinen, Attendo can use it to better bring forward the everyday life in Attendo homes.


"RelationDesk is an important tool for us in terms of reputation management. It allows us to better respond to customers and be active and present on social media. We want to raise the 'right side' of our industry, and how a humane and good everyday life is lived in Attendo homes - not forgetting special moments of celebration. On Instagram, we currently have approximately 300 nursing homes that share content about their own workdays and moments of everyday life and celebrations with clients. This is the reality that we definitely want to make visible. Sometimes people may have a negative image of the care industry, and with the help of a social media tool, we aim to improve these negative images at least a little. All this is made easier with RelationDesk."



Improving communication with social media coordination

As social media is an important communication channel for Attendo, the importance of coordinating it is emphasized even more. Attendo uses RelationDesk to coordinate social media, and finds it a great help, especially when responding to messages.


"We use RelationDesk for coordinating communications, especially for responding. It speeds up our work a lot when we can respond to incoming messages through one tool. The time savings it brings to our team are significant because we don't have to respond to customers individually through different channels, but all this is handled in one platform. In RelationDesk we can see all comments and messages we've received on social media. In addition to answering, we can also save message templates there."


Attendo has several social channels in use, where they regularly publish content. According to Sanni Heikkinen, RelationDesk helps Attendo plan and schedule content far into the future.


"The channels we use are, among others, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. These are linked to RelationDesk. When it comes to Facebook, for example, we have several different subpages that are used by different units. RelationDesk helps significantly in managing these channels. We also have a social media calendar in the Publish section of RelationDesk. There, we schedule and publish our posts on different social media channels. It helps us with our SoMe work and from a communication point of view, because we are able to plan further ahead. We have our plans, for example, for all public holidays and themed calendar days there."


Using RelationDesk has made Attendo's work easier and also helped them develop their processes. RelationDesk has helped them, especially with developing their feedback process.


"We are constantly developing our feedback process as a part of our change journey and as part of our communication goals. That is, when we receive feedback and comments, we sort them based on the sentiment (negativity or positivity). It helps us to distinguish certain negative or positive themes and also to improve the dialog in social media. We want to do this even more, and RelationDesk has created a low threshold for noticing comments and reacting to them. It frees up our working time for other tasks, so it is also a useful tool in terms of saving time."



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