Diplom-Is relaunched an old classic after significant Facebook engagement

The popular tuttifrutti ice cream has created engagement and emotions in social media. After a name and design change, Norweigan ice cream company Diplom-Ice relaunched Sitting Original, and the ice cream sold out in three weeks.

The Facebook group "Vi som ønsker "Sitting bull" isen tilbake i butikken" (translation: "We who want "Sitting bull" ice cream back in the store") brought together a total of 4,600 committed ice cream lovers and was the start of Diplom-Ice's latest relaunch. In the past, Facebook groups to bring back Kræsj Pink and Drillo ice cream have also been the start of the relaunch of these ice cream classics.



— Halvparten av meldingene vi får i sosiale medier handler om is som forbrukerne ønsker tilbake på markedet. Den store etterspørselen etter klassikere dannet grunnlaget for kampanjen "De som vet de vet". Dette er vår mulighet til å lytte til forbruker ved å ta tilbake gamle favoritter som er veldig etterspurt og en fin måte for oss å skape engasjement.


Hedvig Skjelbred Svabø, Digital content manager at Diplom-Is


In 2020, Diplom-Is launched the concept "Hent frem" (translation: "Bring it forward"). 


— Half of the messages we receive on social media are about ice cream that consumers want back on the market. The great demand for classics formed the basis for the campaign "De som vet de vet" (translation: "Those who know, they know"). This is our opportunity to listen to consumers by bringing back old favourites that are in high demand and a great way for us to create engagement, says Hedvig 


How do you work with social media?

— We now have a digital strategy in place and have, among other things, put organic posting on our agenda. We have an overall year wheel from which we work with more specific content plans for each month. These form the basis for what we post and are based on the optimal frequency per channel. We post three organic posts a week on Instagram and two organic posts on Facebook each week, we do this through the content planner in RelationDesk, says Hedvig


— At the end of each month, the effects of the posts are measured and reviewed in an editorial meeting where I also present drafts of posts for the following month. We are trying to test out new post types to see what works best for our target groups and will optimize this towards the end of the year towards 2024.

With the Sitting ice cream, Diplom-Ice came out with the campaign "Those who know, they know" with hints about which ice cream they planned to bring back. It got over 350,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram and over 7,000 guesses on Sitting. 


— Feedback from consumers is important to us. That's when we know if we've hit the right spot with the range we have, says Hedvig.


The sitting ice cream was also widely spread in the editorial media

In total, we find 73 Norwegian editorial articles about Sitting Original since the launch in February and until today in the media monitoring. The articles deal with ice news, the great demand for the ice cream, which was sold out in three weeks, and the name change.et.


— It is important for us to listen to the people, and when we decided to bring back this classic, we had an extensive process to evaluate both the name and the design. After a thorough assessment and dialogue with the Antiracist Centre, we concluded that it was right to relaunch Sitting with an updated name and design.



  • Facts

    🍦 Diplom-Is AS is a wholly owned subsidiary of TINE SA and is one of the leading ice cream producers in Norway.


    🍦Sitting ice cream was launched in 2008, but disappeared from the market in 2015.

    🍦Sitting Original previously went by the name Sitting Bull, which is the name of a chief and spiritual leader of the Hunkpapa Sioux, a North American indigenous people. Before relaunching, Diplom-I changed its name and design to avoid offending anyone.

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