Become a Stable Brand in an Unstable World With Retriever Social

When the world around us feels increasingly unstable, it’s easy as a brand to lose your footing. Suddenly, your customers’ spending habits and behaviors change, often wholly unrelated to you and your brand.  


We’ve spoken to our experts, Mikael Olsson and Philip Persson, two Customer Managers at Retriever, about how the tools in Retriever Social can help prepare you when the market and preconditions change so that you quickly can regain your balance and keep achieving your goals.  

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at four ways that Retriever Social can help you be a stable brand in an unstable world and why it’s so important. 

  • Create stronger customer loyalty with good communication

    In a recession, customer loyalty becomes more important than ever. It’s rather self-explanatory that returning customers are vital when the customers are fewer, and the buying power is lower. This is especially true online, where competition is constantly increasing. To build strong customer loyalty in that environment, your brand needs to communicate in a way that suits your target audience. 
    With the help of our tool Publish, you can schedule and publish content when it best suits your customers. With Engage, you can communicate with them and make them feel seen and listened to – which will lay the foundation for a good relationship between you and your customers and is a cornerstone for customer loyalty. 
    With Measure, you measure the results of your communication efforts so that you better understand your results and can begin mapping out opportunities for improvement. Listen lets you compare your results to your competitors and get insight into relevant discussions online. That way, you can truly get to know your target audience on a deeper level and create better communication that improves your customer relationships. 

  • Prepare yourself before crisis hits – and come out stronger with good communication tools 

    Everyone makes mistakes, and pretty much every company will come under scrutiny for some reason or another. The better prepared you are, the better you can manage a crisis when it hits. So, how does one prepare oneself? 
    With Listen, you put your ear to the ground and can see the crises coming before they are in full bloom. The tool gives you insight into what is being discussed online, if there are any indications of negative opinions and conversations regarding your brand, what questions seem to exist, and what you might need to clarify and address. 
    By getting better insight into what is being said online, you can use the situation to strengthen your relationship with your customers since you can make them feel seen and heard. 
    With the help of Publish and Engage, you can communicate with your customers based on the insights you received from Listen, and Measure helps you measure the results of your communication efforts. 

  • Strengthen your brand with good and easily accessible customer service 

    A well-functioning and easily accessible customer service is more important than ever to many consumers – regardless of whether it's a crisis that needs to be managed or just regular customer communication. The fact is that everyday customer service has become a significant factor in brand loyalty and building a strong brand. And it's increasingly often taking place on social media. 
    To offer the customer service that many expect today, you need tools that make it easy to communicate with customers – and them with you – regardless of what channels they choose to contact you through.  
    With Engage, you gather all of your customer communication from all your social media channels in one place and can make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. Measure lets you measure your incoming volumes and your team's response time so that you can easily see where improvements can be made – and what's already working well. 
    At the same time, you can use Listen to improve your understanding of what your customers think and feel about your brand and your customer service and improve it proactively. 

  • Utilize our tools to their full potential with our unique customer service 

    Retriever knows that different companies have different needs. And our customers’ success is our success. That is why we offer all of our customers a unique customer service, with flexible and scalable customer relationship teams tailored to every customer’s specific needs and situation. 
    Our platform allows you to work independently while knowing that our experts are always available when you need them. All of our customers get access to training and support whenever they need it so that both our new and existing customers can utilize our platform's full potential.  

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