What are paywalls and why do you want to include them in your media monitoring?

If you follow the news online, you've probably come across a growing number of payment structures that restrict access to interesting content. What are paywalls and why is it so important to include paywall data in your media monitoring sources?

What are paywalls in editorial online media?

A paywall is a digital barrier that separates free content from paid content in editorial online media. It is a way for media to earn money by limiting access to news to those users who are willing to pay for the content.

Content behind the paywall is often more in-depth and relevant than content that is openly available. Paywall news can be, for example, comprehensive articles, exclusive interviews, feature stories or analyses.

According to an analysis made by Retriever in Finland in 2020, three-quarters of Finnish local newspapers already restricted the number of articles available free of charge. Among domestic daily newspapers, all had paywalls in place.


Why are paywalls an essential part of modern media monitoring?

  • Broader and richer content: access behind paywalls provides a more comprehensive view of the news field. This deepens your understanding of the evolution of the public sphere and helps you identify relevant topics that may not be as widely covered on the open web. For example, Helsingin Sanomat offers some content free of charge, but the more comprehensive and in-depth 'diamond stories' are behind a paywall.
  • Faster and more up-to-date information: a news item can be read behind the paywall immediately and appear in print or online in an openly readable format with a delay of a day or more - or not at all. Instant access to content speeds up response to timely and fast-moving events or potential problems.
  • Local news and features: if your business or organisation is regional or focused on specific locations, following news and features from behind the paywall will give you valuable information on regional or local events and phenomena. For example, regional newspapers may put their own content behind a paywall and only offer free-to-read news that is otherwise openly available online.
  • More detailed analysis and decision making: exclusive reports, studies and background information behind the paywall provide you with valuable information to help you make more accurate analyses and decisions in your business or organisation.

Access behind the paywall with Retriever

Retriever offers you a unique opportunity to access content behind the paywall. This comprehensive and varied content will help you to improve your media monitoring and get more accurate information about the public. 

By choosing Retriever, you are helping to support domestic journalism. We have direct contracts with media houses, and we pay them a portion of the service fees paid to us in exchange for quality content. You don't have to worry about extra logins or account management, because Retriever gives you effortless access to content behind the paywall. 

Want to know more?

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