Telia successfully use Retriever's social media management platform

In the spring of 2020, every day thousands of customers wrote to Telia on Facebook.


A. The Challenge

”300%. That was the increase of incoming messages on Facebook, compared to normal. And if we do not answer all customers fast, then the discussions can quickly end up in a negative spiral outside of our control. So we must be both fast and keep a very high quality in all answers.” - explains Rikard Staveby, Manager Social Media Relations at Telia.


B. The Solution


Rikard managed his team and executed the following steps:

  • Quickly stop negative spirals.

    We answer every message fast. By doing this we avoid people triggering each other negatively in Facebook discussions.

  • Center discussions to selected Facebook posts.

    We proactively post information to our Facebook page. This not only informs customers, but also does the very important job of centering a lot of customer discussions to a few selected posts.

  • One dedicated team member per Facebook post.

    Now we dedicate one team member per post. That person then knows everything that is going on in that discussion and can really focus. This increases productivity greatly.

  • Bonus tips - Before: Only recruit team members who are highly motivated to actually talk to customers. - During: Focus only on the crisis. Pause all long term projects.

C. The Result


  • Highly improved customer response time.

  • Reduce the number of incoming messages.

  • All answers align. No contradicting answers.

  • Highly professional customer service




– Retriever just get it. They understand simplicity, smart tools and how to make every day feel like a Swedish fika on a Friday. That creates great opportunitites to build better relationship with our favorites – our customers, says Rikard. 





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