Social media risk #1 - Failing to protect and preserve relevant data

As a public sector actor, most of the information you create and collect becomes a document of public interest – tasking you with the responsibility to protect sensitive information, and preserve relevant data.

In this blog post we take a look at 1 of 6 social media risk areas for the public sector and how to handle them. 



Failing to protect and preserve relevant data 


Social media is a third party platform

While we use social media platforms to communicate, that communication is not fully owned or hosted by us. This puts us in a tricky situation regards to information management.


The risk to your data on social media

  • It is owned by a third party
  • It is located in the cloud
  • It's accessibility is subject to regular change
  • There is no guarantee it will be stored indefinitely
  • It is subject to varying national regulations


  • Assess

    • Do we know what data to store?
    • Do we know where that data is hosted?
    • Do we have a plan for regular preservation?
    • Do we store internal customer care conversations externally

How can RelationDesk help? 

  • Ensure proper and GDPR safe data storage.
  • Ensure regular and automated backups
  • Ensure internal communications integrity
  • Powerful export function for easy GDPR compliance


Did you know… You can export any data easily – based on what the individual asked about, who answered, the topic, etc.


RelationDesk is a social media management platform based in Sweden, ensuring your information can stay 100% GDPR compliant and internal communications on social media stay your own.



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