Retriever buys social media startup RelationDesk

The media analysis company Retriever buys the social media success RelationDesk and thus offers a complete solution for companies and organizations that want to work integrated with their communication

- We complement each other's operations and together we will create a unique customer offering, says Robert Söderling, CEO of Retriever.


A supplier for everything

RelationDesk has developed the market's strongest offering for handling customer dialogues and follow-up in social channels. This means that organizations can publish posts, manage the dialogues in a structured way and analyze the efforts, all in one service.

- Through the acquisition of RelationDesk, we will be the only player that can offer a complete solution for managing editorial and social media. This is something that has been in demand by our customers and will be the new industry standard, says Robert Söderling.


- Together with RelationDesk, our customers will have a complete overview of what is said about them in all channels, while they can participate in the dialogue on social media in a structured way and analyze the outcome, he adds.

Strong growth


RelationDesk has had organic growth since 2012 and is today a profitable company that has some of the largest Swedish companies in its customer list, such as Swedbank and SAS.

- We will continue to run RelationDesk as our own brand. But with Retriever as owner, we get more muscle to drive development and innovation, says Fritjof Andersson, founder and CEO of RelationDesk. - Together with Retriever, we will now fully invest in establishing ourselves in all the Nordic countries, where Retriever already has a strong position, he adds.

Retriever, which is owned by TT Nyhetsbyrån and the Norwegian counterpart NTB, has experienced rapid growth and is today the market leader in media monitoring and analysis in the Nordic region. Retriever also delivers the research services Mediearkivet / Atekst as well as company information services. In recent years, the company has had a strong focus on social media, and has, among other things, launched new solutions for monitoring podcasts as well as archive services in the area.

- This acquisition is in line with our strategy. We will continue to strengthen our position regarding our core business, at the same time as we have an extra focus on our social media offering and have created the market's strongest analytics offering for our customers, says Robert Söderling. - The deal with RelationDesk is something that feels completely right. We have had several choices around our social media offering, but with RelationDesk we found a perfect match. Their strong platform and competence in the area combined with our competence, platform and organization feels spotless, he adds.