Media analysis - a strategic tool for communication

What makes a "good story", how do you make sure you're reaching the right audience? These are just some of the questions a media analysis can answer. A media analysis provides the right insights to help you navigate the media landscape.

We have listed four good reasons why a media analysis is essential for your communication work.

  • Are you achieving your communications objectives?

    Whether you have clearly defined goals or none at all, a media analysis can give you insight into where your company is in the media and, most importantly, whether you are making progress.


    A media analysis provides both an overview of your media coverage and a deeper insight. In this way, you can use media analysis as a strategic reporting tool within your organisation.


  • Do you know if you are positioning yourself differently from your competitors in the media?

    By looking at how your competitors position themselves in the media, you can adjust your strategic efforts. It also allows you to put your organisation's numbers into perspective by comparing them to the rest of the market.


  • Are you prepared when the heat is on?

    If your company is mentioned negatively in the media, a media analysis can help you to map the extent of the coverage, but also to analyse how wide the coverage is and how the media is framing the issue. At the same time, analysis of a previous negative story can help you if it happens again.


  • Are you learning from the good stories?

    A positive story in the media resonates with media consumers and therefore with your target audience. By measuring and analysing what happens when you get positive media coverage, you can use this knowledge to shape the narrative of your company or organisation in the future.


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