3 key benefits of proper social media management

What the trends listed in this earlier blog post indicate is that social media is not just a “well, I guess we should be on it” channel, but needs to become a key part of your business strategy. 

This won’t happen on its own. Your organisation needs to invest in a proper plan and management of all the social media platforms you are active on. 

Below, we walk you through the 3 key benefits of having proper social media management in place.

Benefit 1: Effective platform management saves time

You will probably have one or two key platforms to primarily focus on (let’s say Facebook for advertising and support and Twitter for brand awareness building), but you can’t afford to skip the basic hygiene factor on some others (say your LinkedIn company page) - and this means switching costs.

A scattershot approach where you publish or respond in multiple channels without a cohesive plan will create needless costs, loss of focus, and poor follow-through. We won’t push you to choose our particular product, but a tool like RelationDesk lets you both schedule, publish, and track advertising as well as support activity all in one place.


Conclusion: Invest in a tool to manage all platforms in one place. This keeps you focused on actual strategy, and reduces switching costs to help you act faster.


Benefit 2: Professional customer support pays off, big time

You now understand the impact customer care in social media can have on your brand and bottom line. This is why investing in professional management of support through this channel will always pay off, especially if your competition is lagging behind: 80% of companies believe they provide excellent customer care in social media, while only 8% of customers agree.

And here’s another key statistic to keep in mind: not only does it have a higher impact on your brand value - delivering customer support on social media is 1/6 of the cost of taking a traditional service call.

Management in this context means having the processes and tools to keep your team in sync, respond fast, escalate to offline properly and being able to evaluate your customer service KPI. Social media management tools like RelationDesk help you start working on this level right away - with the ability for your customer reps to interact with each other, have access to a shared and reusable base of knowledge, and real-time performance tracking. (And never feel intimidated by these hard numbers: what gets measured, gets improved!)

Conclusion: Onboard your team on a process or digital platform to work efficiently with customer support across all social media. Better customer care on social media translates into immediate brand and business benefits.

Benefit 3: Cohesive work paves the way to great results

The days of sporadic posting and piecemeal efforts on social media are gone. You need a clear, cohesive strategy for your social media presence - across all departments, platforms, and activities - and a way to put it into action, not just once, but across a whole quarter and year. The alternative is business as usual, with lackluster results and no way of following up on the value your efforts create (or how to improve them).

Much of this work must be done internally, and we hope this has given you the information you need to get started on putting together a plan and getting all stakeholders aboard. But it must also translate into action, and preferably in a way that is clear, simple, and fast for your team to execute.

This is where a social media management platform shines: it gives you the transparency, best practice processes, planning and analytics tools you need all in one place and at the click of a button.

Conclusion: Set a cohesive strategy for all social media activity, connect it to your overall marketing and business plan, and execute it in the same way - with a centralized way of working.



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