Work smarter on social media - Learn from Kommunal

We at Kommunal, Swedish Municipal Workers' Union, are one of northern Europe’s larger trade unions with over 500,000 union members. Here is why we use RelationDesk for social media.

Swedish Municipal Workers' Union - Kommunalarbetareförbundet


A. The Challenge

Before we started managing social media through Retriever's social media management platform, we used a big US based tool. The main issue with the US based tool was the lack of overview for our incoming messages. Also their customer support team did not work the same hours as our team, and we had a strong feeling that our suggestions of improvements often were lost.

Overall these problems made our work harder than it should be.

B. The Solution

  • Find a great partner

    Retriever are easy to communicate with and fast to respond if we need anything. They work close with us and listen to our feedback and suggestions of improvements. They also helped us with initial training and continues to improve the product in meaningful ways.

  • Find a tool with great overview

    Retriever gives us a great overview of our incoming messages and shows the comments in a great context. This also makes the tools easy to learn - and there is no longer any need for long training sessions for new colleagues.

  • Make internal communication more efficient

    The great features such as Ask for Help has really helped the communication within the Social Team - and also throughout our whole organization. 

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C. The Result

  • We are very satisfied with the platform and how user friendly it is.

  • It’s easier to reply to our customers. And it’s also easier to contact colleagues through the platform, especially using the feature Ask for Help.

  • We have good communication with the support team who always respond quickly.

  • Retriever keeps evolving with adding new features in the platform that really has a positive effect on our team’s workflow.

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