Webinar: RelationDesk Publish

Welcome to Retriever digital webinar series. In this webinar you will learn about RelationDesk Publish.

The tool where you can create, schedule and publish content to all your social channels.


In this webinar we will go through the Publish features and give you an overview of all the functions that you might know or might have missed. We will also share some tips and best praxis for how to work efficiently and improve the workflow of your content creation and approval.


This is a great opportunity if you or someone in your team needs or want a refresh on how the tool really works. 


This webinar will be held by Philip Persson, customer relations manger for RelationDesk.


This webinar will held in English and is expected to last about 30 minutes. You will receive a login link and all the information you need now at once and again about an hour before the training is held.



Register below:

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