Retriever's media coverage now also includes YouTube

We have expanded our sources in our media coverage to now also include YouTube channels. Our customers now have the option to add YouTube to their media monitoring.

The importance of also including the YouTube channel to evaluate your own publicity should not be underestimated. Every day, countless hours of video material are uploaded to YouTube, with long titles, descriptions and comments. This in channels owned by private individuals and companies. For some industries, there are quite a few channels to look into. Being able to find the content that is relevant to your particular company is not entirely easy and is in most cases time-consuming.


The monitoring of these YouTubes works in the same way as our other media monitoring of audio and visual media (radio, TV and podcasts), where we automatically search through the material via speech-to-text technology and match the results to your searches. The hits mark where in the feature your keywords gave a hit and you can via a link go to the original source. Fast, flexible and with high accuracy.


Regarding Youtube and also podcasts, we work with qualitative selections to build source lists that are relevant to our customers. The selection is made based on various sectors/subject areas relevant to you as a customer, combined with which channels have the greatest impact. We work dynamically with which sources we monitor and if you have a specific channel you are interested in that we do not cover today, this can be arranged.


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