Outcomes and impact should be identified for stakeholders, society and the organization

The new principle 3 brings in new and important dimensions in evaluating the impact of communication.

The updated version encourages to identify and evaluate the impact on both stakeholders (revenue, reach, reputation, etc.) and society, as well as the traditional. Impact on the society goes far beyond the stakeholders and organizations.


How to measure broader impacts:

  • Develop a hypothesis on how your work will have broader impacts 

  • Look back to your hypothesis and consider your results – this should go beyond sales and services provided 

  • Changing behaviors within the organization and within society are relevant outcome.

When you measure organizational performance in specific, AMEC’s measurement framework stresses how communication can and should impact brand reputation. In understanding this impact, it is essential to gather both quantitative and qualitative metrics.

Such measures could include sentiment analysis of your social media and internal channels, in-depth interviews and focus groups with your stakeholders. The impact of communication on different levels is an important part of principle 3. When measuring impact, data availability can be a challenge. To fulfil your goal be prepared to use both internal and external data sources. Further, where possible, AMEC suggests that you consider metrics that highlight quality, and not just quantity of communication.


Using media data for measuring impact on societal level


Some organizations work towards structural change on a societal level, and these effects can be hard to measure. But traces of events, understandings and change can all be found in media data. As an example on how principle 3 can be carried out, we want to show how two Retriever clients use media data to measure impact on a societal level.

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  • The Barcelona Principles

    The Barcelona Principles were first agreed upon by PR practitioners from 33 countries who met in Barcelona, Spain in 2010 for a summit convened by the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC). The principles have since then been updated twice, in 2015 to the version 2.0 and in 2020 to the latest version of Barcelona Principles 3.0. Regular updates respond to the rapidly advancing change in the communications industry.