Holistic communication measurement and evaluation includes all relevant online and offline channels

The new principle 6 reflects the change in social communications capabilities, opportunities and influence. 

From focusing on social media in specific, the new principle now states that all relevant online and offline channels should be measured and evaluated equally.

In following this principle you should aim for a holistic cross-channel measurement following the audience and customer journey. All channels that are available and that are relevant in reaching your goals and outcomes should be measured. 

In short: all channels you use for communicating your message should also be measured.

  • In Retriever we build live, interactive dashboards and reports that include all relevant channels. The dashboards and reports are tailor made to companies’ key measurements and combines all results in one place.  

AMEC’s measurement framework promotes clarity across earned, owned, shared, and paid channels to ensure consistency in approach towards a common goal, and the framework can be used in planning your communication activities and measurement across channels.

In planning your measurement try going beyond quantitative measurements and vanity metrics such as "likes" and "impressions" overall. Try to understand your target audience ecosystem by focusing on engagement and conversion.

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  • The Barcelona Principles

    The Barcelona Principles were first agreed upon by PR practitioners from 33 countries who met in Barcelona, Spain in 2010 for a summit convened by the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC). The principles have since then been updated twice, in 2015 to the version 2.0 and in 2020 to the latest version of Barcelona Principles 3.0. Regular updates respond to the rapidly advancing change in the communications industry.